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Tottenham District Charity is a registered charity providing pensions and grants to Tottenham residents who are disadvantaged and in particular need of financial assistance.

For information about the criteria and process for grants please click here. 

For information about the criteria and process for pensions please click here.

Registered charity number: 207490

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Successful Grant Applicant

I feel like a new person, to have a bed after sleeping on the floor for over a month is uplifting. This is the happiest I have been in 10 Years.

Successful Grant Applicant

I found myself in a place where I was not able to cope anymore and finding it difficult to manage. My property had become overwhelming and this was impacting my mental health and wellbeing.

Successful Grant Applicant

The Tottenham charity fund helped me enormously! If I hadn’t used the funds to buy a computer I still wouldn’t have one today. It’s my first computer and while doing the computer course at the adult learning centre, Woodgreen, it allowed me to practise at home and study properly even in unsociable hours. This made me enjoy the course so much more than I would have. I’m extremely grateful for the grant and very lucky it came my way

Successful Grant Applicant

I could not believe my luck when I got the grant to buy a new bed and a cooker I had been desperate to replace them for years.

Successful Grant Applicant

The grants provided from the Tottenham charity to individual residents as well as our supported housings schemes have made a huge difference. These grants have enabled those who are struggling and facing financial difficulties to take back control of their lives, give them a much needed boost as well as supporting people to remain living independently and to have a sense of self-worth.

Housing Scheme Manager

Successful Grant Applicant

Following support and a grant from the Tottenham Charity, I was able to get my flat cleared and new furniture and items which have made me feel more positive about life, take some control back and enable me to see a better future for myself.