About Grants


The maximum grant awarded is £400.*

(*Any requests considered reasonable by the Grants Sub Committee for a greater amount will be referred to a full meeting of the Trustees (held twice per year).)

Areas of provision

The following are examples of the sort of items that the Trustees award grants towards:-

  • Basic household furniture or items, e.g. beds, bedding, wardrobes and carpets
  • White goods – fridges, freezers and washing machines
  • Essential items of clothing
  • Payment for visits to hospital
  • Payment for books or help towards fees for further education or travelling expenses for college
  • Payment towards recuperative holidays
  • Cost of decorating home or repairs

The Charity does not award assistance towards bills or debts.


Applicants must have lived in Tottenham for a minimum of 3 years consecutively.

Applicants must be in demonstrable financial need.


Click here to download a Grant application form.

Applications should be sent to:

By Post: Tottenham District Charity, PO Box 365, Loughton, IG10 9EU.

Or by email: to Carolyn Banks, Secretary, charities@virginmedia.com

You should receive a decision within one month of submitting your application.

Applications should (if possible) be supported by a professional organisation such as a Social Worker, the Citizen Advice Bureau, welfare rights charity or similar.

Applications should be costed and include information about the specific items you want to buy - e.g. if you want to by a washing machine, please identify a machine of reasonable price and provide the catalogue page, website etc to the charity.

Applications, made on the Charity’s grant application form, are sent by the Clerk to the Charity Trustees who have been appointed to the Grants-Sub Committee.  Once the Grants-Sub Committee has made their decision the Clerk will notify the decision to the organisation/individual that submitted the application.

Organisations supporting successful applicants are requested to find suitable shops that accept the Charity cheque. The clerk will then send the cheque to the organisation/person who submitted the application. It is not normally the Charity policy to make cheques out to individuals unless proof of purchase has been submitted.

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